Beat the Sweltering Texas Heat—Keeping You Cool in Your Car

How Scorching Texas Summers Can Affect Your Auto AC

It’s no secret that summers in Texas can get downright hot. Who wants to drive around in a vehicle that’s as hot as a sauna? And the last thing you need on a sweltering summer day is to discover that your car’s air conditioning system isn’t working.

Did you know that the scorching outside temperatures could be to blame for your vehicle’s faulty AC?

The experienced car AC repair specialists at Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas, are here to explain how heat can affect your car’s AC system.

How Can Hot Outdoor Air Affect My Auto AC?

As outside temperatures increase, your air conditioning needs to work harder. This puts an added strain on your vehicle’s entire cooling system, including its battery, belts, and fluids. You may need to replace your air filter sooner, as well as other parts, to ensure your car cabin remains comfy, even as temperatures soar.

How to Make Your Car AC Work Efficiently in Hotter Weather

To avoid blasting your auto AC every time you get behind the wheel, try these simple tricks to keep your car cool during the summer:

  • If possible, always park in the shade
  • Before getting into your vehicle, roll down the rear windows to let the hot interior air escape
  • Regularly change your cabin air filter
  • Run errands during cooler times of the day, such as the early evening
  • Keep Your Car AC Running at Its Best

It’s essential to take great care of your car’s air condition system to beat the heat. Some steps you can take to care of your AC include:

  • Having it inspected and serviced by an experienced professional
  • Keeping on top of routine maintenance
  • Checking your fluid levels, including engine oil and coolant

Today, if your car is blowing hot air, contact the seasoned car AC repair technicians at Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas. We can quickly and efficiently identify the problem and affordably repair the damage. Call us at (940) 381-0200 to book your service appointment and stay cool and comfortable all year long. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Written by Pioneer Automotive Denton

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