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WHY BRAKE FLUID IS SO IMPORTANT YOUR LOCAL BRAKE REPAIR EXPERTSWhat Brake Fluid Does and Why It’s Important Brake fluid is a critical part of your car’s braking system. But how does it work and why is it so important? Here, the brake repair pros at Pioneer Automotive Denton in Denton, Texas give you the breakdown of brake fluid. What is Brake Fluid? Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that promotes your foot’s force on the brake pedal and helps to stop or slow down your car. Without this vital liquid, your vehicle’s braking system wouldn’t operate efficiently and could put you in harm’s way. It’s important to use brake fluid that is properly formulated for your car. To ensure you’re using the right braking fluid, consult your owner’s manual or schedule a brake repair appointment at Pioneer Automotive Denton in Denton, Texas today. What Does It Do? You might be ... read more


Expert Transmission Repair Services in Denton, TexasDo I Need Clutch Repair? 5 Telltale Signs For some Denton, Texas drivers, that third pedal to the left of their gas and brake pedals will forever remain a mystery. Other drivers simply adore driving with a manual transmission. Not only do stick-shift vehicles allow for better control, but they also have more fuel efficiency. That third pedal enables you to successfully shift gears when driving a standard transmission vehicle. But when does your manual car need clutch repair? The transmission repair experts at Pioneer Automotive Denton are here to identify five signs that you need clutch repair. Burning Smells
When you were first learning how to drive a manual car, chances are that you “burned the clutch.” However, if you notice that burning odor once again, you may need clutch repair services. Slipping Gears
Is your manual transmission vehicle slipping out of

... read more

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Ewww! What’s That Smell? Keep calm and turn the A/C on! But wait, what if when you do, you smell a musty odor? Well, that’s just unacceptable. Your car, truck, or SUV is one of the places you should be most comfortable, but if there’s mold dancing around in the air and the cold air is struggling to flow freely, you most certainly will not feel at ease. If this unpleasant environment sounds like the inside of your vehicle, you’ll want to have an A/C system inspection done as soon as possible. Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas, will correct the problem and have you breathing in fresh air once again. There’s a Fungus Among Us Stagnant, moist air living in darkness makes for the growth of some creepy heebie-jeebies. Mold, a multicellular microorganism, will attach itself to the A/C system in your car when the conditions are just right. It particularly likes to grow on the evaporator core due to the presence o ... read more


Stellar Suspension Repair Services in Denton, Texas Don’t Get Shocked! 5 Signs You Need Shock Repair Your vehicle’s suspension system, including its shocks, helps to promote a smooth and comfortable ride. Worn-out or damaged shocks don’t just turn your driving experience into an uncomfortable nightmare. They can also be downright dangerous. Do you know the symptoms of bad shocks? The professionals at Pioneer Automotive Denton in Denton, Texas are here to help. What Do Shocks Do? Your car’s shocks are an important part of its suspension system. When driving over bumpy terrain, the shocks absorb the vehicle’s springing motions and drastically reduce bouncing. Shocks not only increase comfort but help you maintain control over the vehicle. What Are the Signs of Bad Shocks? If you notice any of these bad shock symptoms, schedule a suspension repair appointment at Pioneer Automotive Denton right away: A Bump ... read more

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