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Do I Need Clutch Repair? 5 Telltale Signs

For some Denton, Texas drivers, that third pedal to the left of their gas and brake pedals will forever remain a mystery. Other drivers simply adore driving with a manual transmission. Not only do stick-shift vehicles allow for better control, but they also have more fuel efficiency. That third pedal enables you to successfully shift gears when driving a standard transmission vehicle.

But when does your manual car need clutch repair? The transmission repair experts at Pioneer Automotive Denton are here to identify five signs that you need clutch repair.

  1. Burning Smells
    When you were first learning how to drive a manual car, chances are that you “burned the clutch.” However, if you notice that burning odor once again, you may need clutch repair services.
  2. Slipping Gears
    Is your manual transmission vehicle slipping out of gear or suddenly falling into neutral for no reason at all? It could be a sign that your clutch is worn out and needs replacing. However, oil leaks can also cause slipping gears. It’s best to bring your car to Pioneer Automotive Denton to get it properly diagnosed.
  3. Sticky Third Pedal
    Is your clutch pedal sticking to the floor? This could be caused by an issue with your clutch. Healthy clutch pedals should require force and pressure to be pressed down.
  4. Weird Sounds
    A car will often try to tell you it has a problem by making strange sounds. This is also true with clutch problems. If you notice grinding noises when pressing on the clutch pedal, make a transmission repair appointment right away.
  5. Vibrating
    Does your clutch pedal seem to be vibrating when depressed? This is a sure sign of an issue. Get it checked out.

Transmission Repair in Denton, Texas

If you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, bring your car to the transmission technicians at Pioneer Automotive Denton. We offer expert transmission repair services for all kinds of vehicles. Call us today at (940) 374-4973 or stop by our shop for car care you can count on.

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