Strange Goings On

Grinding, clanking, leaking, burning… seems like paranormal activity straight out of a horror film. Well, you can expect the same unnerving signs of distress from a failing transmission. And although it’s not exactly a thriller, you’ll be sure to experience a bit of anxiety and panic if you let it go too far. Save yourself the stress by having transmission service and repairs as soon as you notice things getting weird. The good news is, you don’t have to hire a paranormal expert to handle the problem. The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) specialists at Pioneer Automotive in Denton, TX, know how alarming it can be to encounter transmission trouble, and they’re ready to face your fears.

Where are the Strange Sounds Coming From?

Are the clanking and banging noises you hear happening when you accelerate or turn a corner at a faster speed? If so, the gears inside the transmission may be slipping or grinding due to poor lubrication. In this case, you may need repairs on the parts inside the gearbox or perhaps a less expensive fluid change.

Why is My Car Leaking?

Believe it or not, driving can be tough on a car. You’re probably thinking, “But, isn’t that what they’re for?” They are, but, just like our bodies are meant to walk and run, they can only take so much before they start to wear down. If the transmission pan, gasket, or fluid lines start to deteriorate, you will likely experience a leak. A malfunctioning torque converter can also spring a leak. Your best bet is to have it looked at by professionals.

What’s that Burning Smell?

Although it’s not the best news to hear you need transmission repair, the bright side is there are warning signs. If you take them seriously, you’ll likely avoid the need for major repairs. One tell-tale sign is an unpleasant burning smell. If the tranny system burns too hot, the fluid will start to corrode and increase friction. Whether it’s the sounds, the sights, or the smells that have you questioning your vehicle’s ability to properly function, it’s best to have it looked at by the auto experts at Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas.

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