European Repairs in America

This may be America, but sometimes European is the way to go. From delightful cuisine to trendy fashions, to sophisticated automobiles, Europe has a unique way about it! Many of their vehicles are unmatched in appearance and ability. But even with their intricate parts and strategic structure, these luxurious cars can, and will, need routine maintenance and repairs from time-to-time. If your import is due for a check-up based on manufacturer guidelines or is struggling to reach peak performance, call Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas.

How to Avoid Costly Repairs

Overall, European automobiles are quite expensive. Not only do they cost a pretty penny to make, but the parts and labor are also quite significant. Still, when someone has a hankering for something, they tend to not take their eye off the prize, especially when the prize is as nice as a Mercedes, Porsche, or Alfa Romeo! The best way to keep repair costs as low as possible is to follow a consistent, routine maintenance plan.

Prevention is an essential responsibility with any vehicle and the starting point is the manufacturer owner’s manual. Identify recommended services, then bring it to the ASE Certified experts at Pioneer Automotive. We specialize in European auto maintenance in a welcoming environment. Let us help you save money by performing preventive services at a lower cost before the dollar signs start racking up.

When Repairs Are Inevitable

Even with proper care and respectable driving habits, automobiles are machines, and machines take a beating. Besides, accidents can happen that cause damage to internal mechanical parts. Some of the more common problems with European cars are oil and coolant leaks, glitches in the window regulator, and cooling fan failure. Also, be aware that the gearbox often needs repairing, as does the clutch. Since more European cars are manual, it makes sense for the clutch to eventually burn-out. And finally, with all the high-tech options, especially in newer models, you’re bound to run into some computer program problems.

Any time parts need to be replaced on advanced equipment, you’re looking at having to foot a bigger bill. At Pioneer Automotive in Denton, TX, we make it a priority to communicate all your options, encourage prevention maintenance, and offer you the best price possible on all European car care.

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